Advanced Nanomaterials in oil and Gas industries:

   Nanomaterials are associated with manufacturing and processing technologies are the key enablers of nanotechnology industry and encompass a wide range of materials. This material is typically measure in the range of 1 to 100 nanometer (nm). These atoms are grain less than 100 nm in size, fibers less than 100 nm in diameters and films with thickness less than 100 nm. Because of high costs and greater risk of adapting new technologies, the application in oil and gas industry has not been fully discovered. It can improve oil and gas production by making it easier to separate oil and gas in the reservoir—for instance, through improved understanding of processes at the molecular level. There are many other potential clean energy sources that could be enhanced through the use of nanotechnology. The practical application of nanotechnology in the oil sector is, fortunately, less frightening. It can open interesting prospects for improved oil recovery, not least through better understanding of processes at the interface between liquids and solids.

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