Exploration and production:

        The stage of hydrocarbons beneath the ground entails geophysical prospecting for shale formations that hold deposits of oil and natural gas. One of the method explorations involves seismology, a process whereby substantial vibrations, via explosives or machinery, are produced at the Earth’s surface. Seismic waves travel from Earth’s mantle, and the respondent force is analyzed at the surface to identify layers of rock that trap reservoirs of oil and natural gas. Liquid hydrocarbons extracted from wells .They are separated from the non-saleable components such as water and solid residuals .The gas is often processed onsite while oil is piped to a refinery before being offered for sale.

  • Geo physical method
  • Seismic method
  • Hydro carbon exploration
  • Well development
  • Abandonment
  • Fracking
  • Hydraulic Fracking

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