Petroleum marketing and Distribution:

 There is huge supply in oil and gas services sector - it includes companies that supply everything from mats for oil rigs to tracking software. The importance of having a marketing plan and budget gives the company a roadmap for uniformity in branding, promoting and ultimately selling their products and services. There are certain requirements for the contracts between gasoline refiners or distributors and their retailers. It prohibits franchisors from terminating a franchise, or failing to renew one, except in accordance with its provisions. It is intended to protect distributors and retailers. Supplier can terminate their certain reasons such as the franchisee's failure to make a good faith effort to carry out the terms of the franchise or if the supplier loses the right to grant use of the trademark under which the gasoline is sold. They may choose not to renew a franchise for all of the reasons it may terminate a franchise and for certain other additional reasons.

  • Global Oil and Gas Economy
  • Efficiency and Price Management
  • Trading and Transportation
  • Fuel Economy
  • Alliance & Partnering
  • Project Planning Improvement methods and Delivery
  • International Co-Operation & Human Resources
  • Technology Services

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