Biofuel, Biorefinery and Hydrocarbon

Biofuel, Biorefinery and Hydrocarbon Photo

Biofuel are produced by the biological process by using different sort of micro-organisms. Advanced biofuel is derived by cellulose, agricultural and forestry residues they are attire by the different approaches by wide range of biofuel such as next generation biofuel, sustainable, renewable and advanced biofuels. Advanced biofuel are several benefits to both economic and environment globally. Biofuel are strengthening and growth of European nations economically. Biorefinery is conversion of biomass into fuel, power and heat. They are highly efficient for producing food, energy and other products. Biorefinery are successful operational and investment costs. Biorefinery have the highest energy efficiency with the ratio of 72.5%Oil is the hydrocarbon fuel which is made of different compounds like methane. Small hydrocarbon is more volatile that are easily turn up to gas. Hydrocarbon are also known as oil gas exploration. Hydrocarbon plays as key role in Oil and Gas industry Future.

  • Second generation biofuel
  • Hydrocarbon system in oil and gas technology
  • Extraction of Biofuels from micro organisms
  • Benefits of advanced biofuel
  • Ways to improve efficiency in fuel consumption

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