Drilling Engineering

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Drilling technology is the response for well design and procedure, the most important measure in drilling oil wells is to safe for the surrounding environment and It would be economical access to subsurface geological formations to optimize their production resource. 3-D imaging which is the used for the subsurface geological standards and explores oil and gas deposit is also known as seismic imaging. The major part of the discussion in this session is hydraulic fracturing and micro-drilling which is the trending drilling method used nowadays to explore oil wells.

  • Petroleum drilling and production
  • Smart Drilling
  • Drilling oil wells
  • Well testing
  • Basic drilling completion operations
  • Well design, completions and log analysis
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Seismic imaging
  • Micro drilling
  • Measurement-while-drilling Systems
  • Horizontal drilling
  • Oil and Sand Mining

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