Trends in Earth and Environmental Sciences

Trends in Earth and Environmental Sciences Photo

The study of the world – underpins our understanding of the various intersections between fossil oil and therefore the setting, from the look for resources to the study of air pollutants. while not the work of geoscientists, we might have neither the energy system nor the environmental protections we tend to take pleasure in nowadays.

•             Utilizing and managing Big data sets

•             Advances in modeling

•             Characterizing, reducing, and human action uncertainty

•             Quantifying variability

•             The increase in inter-, multi-, and trans-disciplinarity

•             Climate modification

•             The growing demand for science for society

•             The increase in globalisation of science

•             New and innovative tools and methodologies

•             New funding sources and mechanisms

•             Increased interest in planetary and area sciences

•             Increased interest in life in extreme environments

          It conjointly identifies many challenges and opportunities, including:

•             Declining funding

•             Preserving Earth resources; risk reduction

•             Increased politicization of science

•             Communicating science to nonscientists

•             Growth of inter-/multi-/transdisciplinary science

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