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Rafiq Islam
Rafiq Islam
Emertec Research and Development Ltd

Professor Rafiq Islam, Ph.D. is known as the most published engineer in the world. He has coined terms, such as ‘green petroleum’ and ‘sustainable petroleum development’, ‘economics of intangibles’, etc. His ground-breaking approach in research, training and education is summarized in his book: Reconstituting the curriculum, Wiley-Scrivener, 2013. His work has created a paradigm shift in a wide range of applications, spanning through various disciplines. His most notable contribution is in the areas sustainability, environmental integrity, greening of pharmaceutical engineering, and knowledge modeling, on which topic he has written dozens of books and over 700 papers. His latest work is captured in his books: Unconventional Gas reservoirs, Elsevier, 2014, and Greening of Pharmaceutical Engineering, 2015.

Research Interest

Zero Waste Engineering: A New Era of Sustainable Technology Development Advanced Reservoir Simulation: The Greening of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Volume 2, Theories and Solutions Greening of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Vol 1: Practice, Analysis, and Methodology Unconventional Gas Reservoirs Reconstituting the curriculum Green Petroleum Greening of Pharmaceutical Engineering (4-part book)

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